TRB National Roundabout Conference: 2005 e-Session

83 - National Roundabout Conference: 2005 Proceedings

TRB Transportation Research Circular E-C083: National Roundabout Conference: 2005 Proceedings includes presentations made during the May 22-25, 2005, conference in Vail, Colorado.  Issues examined during the conference included the range of settings where roundabouts may be used, design elements and criteria, and methods of estimating safety and operations impacts.  The conference also explored alternatives analysis; experience and practice; evaluation, design, and completion; signs, paint, illumination, and landscaping; accommodations for pedestrians; modeling; and more. 

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Presentations from the 2005 Roundabout Conference
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Contacts for Conference Info: TRB  Joint Subcommittee on Roundabouts:
 Dr. Eugene Russell,  Chairman, TRB Joint Subcommittee on Roundabouts,
Philip Demosthenes, 2005 Conference Chairman
Richard Pain, TRB Transportation Safety Coordinator
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The Case for Roundabouts   Audio/Visual Presentation Howard McCulloch  A/V Video
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Single Lane RBT’s, Design, Capacity  Audio/Visual Presentation Mark Lenters  A/V Video
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Multi-lane RBT’s, Design, Capacity  Scott Ritchie  A/V Video
pdf Title Author(s) Author 2 Author 3 Author 4 Subject Keywords Keyword (2) Date Conf Location Presentation Paper Publication Document Type
RA05_attendees.xls List of Presenters/Conference Attendees
Introduction to Roundabouts Workshop 
RA050_ppt_McCulloch.pdf The Case for Roundabouts Howard McCulloch  Presentation
RA050_ppt_Lenters.pdf Single Lane RBT’s, Design, Capacity Mark Lenters  Presentation
RA050_ppt_Ritchie.pdf Multi-lane RBT’s, Design, Capacity  Scott Ritchie  Presentation
RA050_ppt_Moule.pdf Multi-modal and ADA Michael Moule Presentation
RA050_ppt_Windley.pdf Multi-modal and ADA Scott Windley Presentation
RA050_ppt_Akcelik.pdf Introduction to aaSIDRA Rahmi Akcelik, Mark Besley  Presentation
RA051_ppt_Crown.pdf Introduction to RODEL Barry Crown, Mark Johnson   Presentation
 Session 1 Plenary Session – Monday, 8:00 AM
RA051_ppt_O'Neill.pdf The Case for Roundabouts Brian O'Neil, President, Insurance Institute for Highway  Presentation
RA051_ppt_Hicks.pdf The Maryland Experience Thomas Hicks, Director, Office of Traffic & Safety, Maryland State Highway Agency.  Presentation
Session 2A – Monday, 10AM Use in a Range of Settings, Urban to Rural and Low Speed to High Speed
RA052A_ppt_Jamieson.pdf In Transition: Roundabouts in Greater Vancouver, BC Rachel Jamieson Presentation
RA052A_ppt_Sargeant.pdf Roundabouts - The Responsible Solution (Calgary CA) Stephen Sargeant Presentation
RA052A_ppt_Ritchie.pdf High speed approaches to Roundabouts Scott Ritchie Presentation
RA052A_ppr_Ritchie.pdf Paper
Session 2B – Monday, 10AM Design Elements in Safety
RA052B_ppt_Lenters.pdf Safety Auditing Roundabouts (Canada) Mark Lenters Paper Presentation
RA052B_ppr_Lenters.pdf Paper
RA052B_ppt_Kennedy.pdf Review of Accident Research at Roundabouts Janet Kennedy Paper Presentation
RA052B_ppr_Kennedy.pdf Paper
RA052B_ppt_Lord.pdf Determining the Needs of Older Drivers for Negotiating Modern Roundabouts Dominique Lord, Ida Van Schalkwyk,  Sue Chrysler, Loren Staplin Ida Van Schalkwyk  Sue Chrysler Loren Staplin Presentation
RA052C_Avon.pdf Self-Guided Field Trips to Avon-Circulating bus shuttle provided between noon and 4:00 PM
RA052C_Barlow.pdf Field Workshop Janet Barlow Paper
Session 3A – Monday, 1PM NCHRP 3-65, US Methods of Estimating Safety & Operational Impacts & Refine Design Criteria
RA053A_ppt_3-65_intro.pdf Introduction Presentation
RA053A_ppr_Kyte.pdf Data Collection and Extraction Michael Kyte, Michael Dixon, George List, Aimee Flannery, Lee Rodegerdts Paper
RA053A_ppt_3-65_data.pdf Presentation
RA053A_ppt_3-65_safety.pdf Preliminary Safety Findings Bhagwant Persaud, Craig Lyon, Aimee Flannery, Lee Rodegerdts Presentation
RA053A_ppt_Operations.pdf Preliminary Operations Findings Miranda Blogg, Rod Troutbeck, Werner Brilon, Lee Rodegerdts Presentation
RA053A_ppt_3-65_design.pdf Preliminary Design Findings Lee Rodegerdts, Karen Giese, David Harkey Presentation
Session 3B – Monday, 1PM Safety Measures
RA053B_ppt_Singh.pdf Roundabout: A Safety Improvement Countermeasure Virendra Singh, Karl Fredrickson, Randy Hoskins Presentation
RA053B_ppr_Antoine.pdf The Safety of Roundabouts and Traffic Lights in Belgium Diduer Antoine Paper Paper
RA053B_ppt_Antoine.pdf Presentation
RA053B_ppt_Walsh.pdf Roundabouts Conflicts and their effect of Safety in Washington State Brian Walsh, Ida Van Schalkwyk Presentation
RA053B_ppt_Salemann.pdf Hollywood Hills Roundabout Victor Salemann Presentation
Session 4A – Monday, 3PM Use in An Urban Constrained Environment
RA054A_ppt_Johnson.pdf Roundabout Implementation in a Constrained Urban Environment Mark Johnson
RA054A_ppr_Akcelik.pdf Capacity and Performance Analysis of Roundabout Metering Signals Rahmi Akcelik Paper Paper
RA054A_ppt_Akcelik.pdf Presentation
RA054A_Waddell_ppr.pdf Dimondale: America's First Mini-Roundabout Edmund Waddell, James Albertson Paper
RA054A_Waddell_ppt.pdf Presentation
RA054A_ppt_Wallwork.pdf Some Design and Operational Issues Michael Wallwork Presentation
RA054A_ppr_Giuffre.pdf Performance Analysis of Roundabouts in Strongly Constrained Environment Grana Anna, Giuffre Tullio Giuffre Tullio Paper
RA054B_ppt_Mandavilli.pdf Study of Operational Performance and Environmental Impacts of 11 Modern Roundabouts in Kansas Srinivas Mandavilli, Eugene Russell, Margaret Rys Presentation
RA054B_ppr_Sides.pdf Impact Study of Converting Six Cross Intersections to Low‑Speed Modern Roundabouts Ken Sides, John Seals, Michael Wallwork Paper Paper
RA054B_ppt_Sides.pdf Presentation
RA054B_Sides_IS_rev19.xls xls
RA054B_ppr_Rodegerdts.pdf Analytical Analysis of Pedestrian Effects on Roundabout Exit Capacity Glenn Blackwelder, Lee Rodegerdts Paper Paper
RA054B_ppt_Waalkes.pdf Design and Construction of Concrete Roundabouts Steven Waalkes Paper Presentation
Concrete Roundabout Pavement Available from RTA (NSW Government Bookshop) Paper Handbook
  Paper Paper
Session 5A – Tuesday, 8AM Roundabout Experience and Practice
RA055A_ppt_McCulloch.pdf Roundabout Lessons Learned the Hard Way in New York State Howard McCulloch Presentation
RA055A_ppt_Brilon.pdf Roundabouts: A State of the Art in Germany Werner Brilon Presentation
RA055A_ppt_Hudson.pdf How We fixed a Roundabout to Match Driver Expectations Skip Hudson, Rick Routh Presentation
RA055A_ppt_Moule.pdf Bicycles at Roundabouts: State of the Practice Michael Moule Presentation
Session 5B – Tuesday, 8AM How We Did It - Evaluation, Design, Completion
RA055B_ppr_Ariniello.pdf Are Roundabouts Good for Business? Alex Ariniello, Dan Hartman Paper Paper
RA055B_ppt_Ariniello.pdf Presentation
RA055B_ppt_Redington.pdf Vermont Roundabout Development: Safety, Performance, and Policy Development Considerations Tony Redington Presentation
RA055B_ppr_Weinberger.pdf Case Study: Blue Lake Roundabout (Humboldt County CA) Steven Weinberger Paper Paper
RA055B_photos_Weinberger.pdf Photos
RA055B_ppt_Weinberger.pdf Presentation
RA055B_ppr_Kaub.pdf Estimating Roundabout Performance Using Delay and Conflict Opportunity Crash Prediction Douglas Kennedy, Kristine Taylor, Alan Kaub Paper Paper
RA055B_ppt_Kaub.pdf Presentation
Session 6A – Tuesday, 10AM Making Roundabouts Work in a Mixed Environment
RA056A_ppt_McCulloch.pdf Unconventional Roundabout Techniques Utilized in New York Howard McCulloch Presentation
RA056A_ppr_Guichet.pdf Evolution of Roundabouts in France and their New Uses Bernard Guichet Paper Paper
RA056A_ppt_Guichet.pdf Presentation
RA056A_pptcom_Guichet.pdf      Presentation with narrators script Presentation
RA056A_ppt_Johnson.pdf High Capacity Roundabouts and Livable Communities Bill Hange, Mark Johnson
RA056A_ppr_Baranowski.pdf Roundabouts and Light Rail Combined: An Innovative Intermodal Solution Bill Baranowski Paper Presentation
Session 6B – Tuesday, 10AM Signs, Paint, Illumination, Landscaping
RA056B_ppr_Weber.pdf Roundabout Signing Guide: A Recommended Practice (US and Canada) Phillip Weber, Mark Lenters, Scott Ritchie, Leif Ourston Paper
RA056B_ppt_Weber.pdf Presentation
RA056B_ppr_Katz.pdf Navigation Signing for Double Lane Roundabouts Bryan Katz, Fred Hanscom, Vaughan Inman Paper
RA056B_ppt_ Katz.pdf Presentation
RA056B_Photos_Katz.pdf Photos
RA056B_ppt_Hasson.pdf An Examination of Current U.S. Practices in Roundabout Lighting Patrick Hasson, Paul Lutkevich Presentation
RA056B_ppr_Hasson.pdf Paper
RA056B_ppr_Sarchet.pdf A Study of the Safety Effects of Signalizing Intersections on Colorado State Highways Richard Sarchet Paper
RA056b_ppt_Sarchet.pdf Presentation
Session 7A – Tuesday, 1PM Pedestrians
RA057A_ppt_Long.pdf Street Crossing by Blind and Sighted Pedestrians at a Single-Lane Modern Roundabout Richard Long, Daniel Ashmead, Nagui Rouphail, David Guth, Ron Hughes, Paul Ponchillia, Robert Wall Presentation
RA057A_ppr_Davis.pdf Evaluation of a Yielding Vehicle Alerting System for Double-Lane Roundabouts Vaughan Inman, Gregory Davis, Dona Sauerburger Paper Paper
RA057A_ppt_Davis.pdf Presentation
RA057A_ppt_Hughes.pdf Update on NCHRP Project 3-78 Ronald Hughes Presentation
RA057A_ppt_Geruschat.pdf Yielding Behavior of Drivers to Sighted and Blind Pedestrians at Roundabouts Duane Geruschat Presentation
RA057A_ppr_Baranowski.pdf Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals at Roundabouts: Where are they Applicable? Bill Baranowski Paper Paper
Session 7B – Tuesday, 1PM Modeling, Evaluation, Capacity
RA057B_ppr_Stanek.pdf High Capacity Roundabouts Intersection Analysis: Going Around in Circles David Stanek, Ronald Milam Paper Paper
RA057B_ppt_Stanek.pdf Presentation
RA057B_ppr_Mereszczak.pdf Incorporating Exiting Vehicles in Capacity Estimation at Single‑Lane U.S. Roundabouts Yuri Mereszczak Michael Dixon Michael Kyte Paper Paper
RA057B_ppt_Mereszczak.pdf Presentation
RA057B_ppr_Akcelik.pdf Roundabout Model Calibration Issues and a Case Study Rahmi Akçelik Paper Paper
RA057B_ppt_Akcelik.pdf Presentation
RA057B_ppr_Bared.pdf Simulated Capacity of Roundabouts and Impact of Roundabout Within a Progressed Signalized Road Joe Bared, Praveen Edara Paper Paper
RA057B_ppt_Bared.pdf Presentation
RA057B_ppt_Rouphail.pdf Simulation of Pedestrian - Vehicle Interactions at Roundabouts Nagui Rouphail, Ron Hughes, KoSok Chae Presentation
Session 8A – Wednesday DOT Policy and Procedure Development
RA058A_ppt_Mowry.pdf Development of Caltrans Policy and Guidance for Roundabouts Rebecca Mowry, Kevin Hanley Presentation
RA058A_ppt_King.pdf New Roundabout Guidance at Kansas DOT Steve King Presentation
RA058A_ppt_Walsh.pdf Washington Roundabout Program Brian Walsh Presentation
RA058A_ppt_Johnson.pdf Incorporating Roundabouts into Wisconsin's Design Guide Mark Johnson, Patrick Fleming
Session 8B – Wednesday Public Involvement and Outreach
RA058B_ppr_Kliska.pdf The 'Sock Puppet' and Other lessons Learned in Grand Junction,CO Jody Kliska, Kristin Winn Paper Paper
RA058B_ppt_Kliska.pdf Presentation
RA058B_ppr_Sides.pdf Turnabout in Public Attitudes Towards Roundabouts in Clearwater Florida Ken Sides Paper
RA058B_ppt_Matsen.pdf Implications and Placement of a Modern Roundabout, Cheyenne, WY Marten Matsen, Ray Moe Presentation
RA058B_ppr_Statmeyer.pdf Roundabouts in Harford County, Maryland, A Local Perspective Jeff Stratmeyer, Cheryl Banigan Paper Paper
RA058B_ppt_Stratmeyer.pdf Presentation
CLOSING SESSION Town Meeting Forum - Roundabout Discussions
RA059_TownHall.pdf Closing Remarks – 11:00 AM Gene Russell and Philip Demosthenes Presentation
AlonzoBook.pdf From the Circle to the Roundabout - Eric Alonzo
Alonzo_Book_Review.pdf Review of Alonzo's Roundabout Book Paper
HCM2000_ped_research.pdf Research of proposed changes to the HCM

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