Oct 20-23, 2013 in Irvine California

Modeling and Simulation


This session will explore new visualization and modeling strategies for working with large, simulated traffic networks, understanding driver behavior, the effects of policies and trends on emissions, and other technologies related to modeling and simulation.



Robert Tung, RST International

Effective Visualization of Large Scale Dynamic Traffic Information from a Traffic Simulation Model



Natalia Juri, UT Austin,

Visualization Tools to Improve our Understanding of Transportation Network Models and Data

Ming-Hsun Yang, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCI,

Visualizing and Understanding Lane Changing Maneuvers in the Vicinity of Freeway-to-Freeway Connectors

Zhe Sun, University of California, Irvine

Visualization of Simulated Traffic Data on Online Interactive Maps

Joshua Miller, International Council on Clean Transportation

Visualizing the Effects of Policies: ICCT's Global Transportation Roadmap Model

Driver Simulation for Safety Studies


This session will focus on various safety studies that have involved driver simulation technologies, eye tracking, and other human factors within the vehicle.



• Wei Zhang, Federal Highway Administration, Pinpoint Sources of Driver Attention/Distraction in the Context of Safety

Javid Hsueh, PhD Student UC Davis

Driving Behavior VIsualization

For more information about visualization in transportation, visit trbvis.org