Oct 20-23, 2013 in Irvine California

Opening Plenary Session


This video features a presentation by Jonathan Porter beginning at 10:06. He speaks about how FHWA is leading the way towards integrating visualization into good transportation planning.






Lightning Rounds


This session provides 30 second summaries of the presentations to be given at the 7th International Symposium on Visualization in Transportation

Shawn Allen Keynote Address


Shawn Allen is a Stamen partner, designer, and programmer. As Interaction Director, he both facilitates communication between Stamen's design and technology teams and directs the design and implementation of interactive projects. He also teaches and consults journalists, policymakers, and the public sector on strategies for making information available to the public.

The Role of Visualization in Entertainment and Engineering


Panel members will include professionals from the visualization for transportation community and from the entertainment special effects community. Discussion will be centered on similarities and differences in the tools, processes, challenges, audiences and end goals for each of these communities and their workflows. The audience will learn more about how each of these industries approaches issues such as level of detail, realism, and a shared goal of 'storytelling' around their respective projects.



 Bart Ney, Public Involvement Officer for Caltrans on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Replacement.

 Phil Tippet, Tippet Studios

 Craig Barron, Matte World Studios

For more information about visualization in transportation, visit trbvis.org