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MONDAY MAY 8, 2017


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Welcome and Remarks from the TRB Roundabout Committee


Poster Session 1  –  See  Full List of Poster Presenters


Session 2A

FHWA TOPR Research Updates

Moderator:  Jeff Shaw, Federal Highway Administration


Evaluation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons at Multilane Roundabouts, Crosswalk Placement, and Environmental Characteristics

   Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


Review of Fatal and Severe Injury Crashes and Evaluation of Geometric Parameters that Affect Truck Stability

   Hermanus Steyn, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


Update of Highway Capacity Manual Capacity Models and Evaluation of Traffic Control Device Effectiveness

   Lee Rodegerdts, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


Session 2B


Moderator: Bill Wondrachek, Wisconsin DOT


Trucking Industry Perspective of Roundabouts - Case 1, Case 2, and Case 3 Discovery

   Jay VonAhsen, MSA/Ourston


Effects of Presence of Vehicles in Adjacent Entry Lane on GAP Acceptance Behavior at Roundabouts with Two-Lane Entry

   Chris Lee, University of Windsor


Driving behavior of large vehicles in the roundabout of snow conditions

   Kazunori Munehiro, CERI


Session 2C

Gap Analysis

Moderator:  Mark Lenters, MSA/Ourston


Effects of Presence of Vehicles in Adjacent Entry Lane on Gap Acceptance Behavior at Roundabouts with Two-Lane Entry

Chris Lee, University of Windsor


Critical Gaps and Follow-up Headways at Congested Roundabouts

Beau Burdett, UW-Madison TOPS Lab


University Avenue Roundabout Corridor - San Diego

Phil Rust, City of San Diego


Lunch with Speakers

Randy Asman and Paul Vraney, Wisconsin DOT

David Noyce, University of Wisconsin - Madison


Conference Gold Patron - Rahmi Akcelik



Session 3A

Synthesis and NCHRP Study SPF’s

Moderator:  David Henkel, CHA Consulting, Inc.


NCHRP Project 17-70 Development of Roundabout Crash Prediction Models and Method

Nick Foster, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

NCHRP Synthesis Report 488: Roundabout Practices

Alek Pochowski, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


Session 3B

Environmental/Road Diets

Moderator: Mark Lenters, MSA/Ourston


Complete Streets + Complete Intersections = Complete Networks

Ken Sides, Sam Schwartz Engineering


Roundabout Selected For Intersection? – Halfway to Road Diet Decision

Brian Walsh, Washington State DOT


Session 3C


Moderator:  Rebecca Szymkowski, Wisconsin DOT


Comparing Ramp Terminal Roundabouts with Diverging Diamond Interchanges

Gilbert Chlewicki, Advanced Transportation Solutions


Survive The Guide, SR 539 - The Tale of Two Case Studies

Dina Swires, Washington State Department of Transportation


A Deterministic Method of Evaluating Speeds for the Fastest Path Analysis at Roundabouts

Hannah Khosravi, Transoft Solutions


Session 4A


Moderator:  Brian Porter, Wisconsin DOT


Crash Modification Factors Based on Crash Histories of 151 Modern Roundabouts in Five States

Wei Zhang, Federal Highway Administration


Statewide Roundabout Safety Analysis

Andrea Bill, UW-Madison TOPS Lab


Comparisons of Changes in Melbourne of Pedestrian and Cyclist Crashes at Roundabouts and Signals Over Time

Andrew O'Brien, O'Brien Traffic


Session 4B


Moderator:  Rodney Taylor, Wisconsin DOT


Design Principles for Safety and Operations of Multi-Lane Roundabouts

Mark Johnson, MTJ Roundabout Engineering


Reed Market/15th Street Roundabout Project

Bradley Shea, HDR


Modular Mini-Roundabouts from Recycled Plastic

Jerry Fanucci, ZKxKZ LLC


Session 4C

Landscape/Artwork - Compare and Contrast

Moderator:  Michael Mastaglio, Urban Engineers, Inc.


The Purpose of Landscape Elements

Bill McNary, Wisconsin DOT


Roundabouts, Public Art and Placemaking

Ken Sides, Sam Schwartz Engineering




Session 5A

Pedestrians and Bicycles

Moderator:  Paul Vraney, Wisconsin DOT


Analysis on traffic safety for pedestrian and cyclists at roundabouts in Japan

Koji Suzuki, Nagoya Institute of Technology


Belmont University: A Case Study of Roundabout Operational Recovery following acute Pedestrian (Student) Saturation

Brandon Taylor, RPM Transportation Consultants, LLC.


Operations and Safety of Separated Bicycle Facilities at Single Lane Roundabouts

David Stanek, Fehr & Peers



Session 5B


Moderator: Dina Swires, Washington State DOT


Mini-Roundabouts in Washington State

Dan Dovey, King County Department of Transportation, Road Services Division


Mini-Roundabouts in Delaware: Designing to Context

Shilpa Mallem, T.Y. Lin International


Mini-Roundabouts Before and After Successful Case Studies

Ahmed Amer, VHB, Wei Zhang, FHWA


Session 5C


Moderator: Josh Straka, Strand Associates


An assessment of the updated Highway Capacity Manual roundabout capacity model

Rahmi Akcelik, Akcelik & Associates (SIDRA SOLUTIONS)



A Comparison of two roundabout capacity models

Elżbieta Macioszek, Silesian University of Technology



Roundabout Capacity Analysis Based on Conflict Technique

Werner Brilon, Ruhr-University Bochum




Poster Session 2 -  See Full List of Poster Presenters


Session 6A

State of the Agencies

Moderator:  Jerry Zogg, Winconsin DOT


The Evolution of Roundabout Implementation in Georgia

Scott Zehngraff, Georgia DOT


Washington State DOT Roundabout Implementation Over Two Decades

Brian Walsh, Washington State DOT


Road Commission for Oakland County, Michigan – Challenges, Experience and Lessons Learned

Tom Blust, Road Commission for Oakland County


Session 6B


Moderator:  Eric Gwidt, Wisconsin DOT


Reconstructing a Six-Leg Intersection into Mohave County’s First Roundabout

Steven Latoski, Mohave County (Arizona) Public Works


Construction of Diamond I-5/La Center Interchange with Multilane Roundabout Ramp Terminals

Jeff Whitman, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


Alum Creek Drive at Groveport Road – Flyover Bridge with Double Roundabouts

William Crosier, Franklin County Engineer's Office


Session 6C

Human Factors

Moderator:  Mark Johnson, MTJ Roundabout Engineering


Analysis of drivers’ eye movement on snow-covered roundabouts

Kazunori Munehiro, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, PWRI, Japan


Non-Geometric Solutions to Driver Errors and Multi-Lane Roundabouts

Phil Weber, GHD


Development of the Crossover Roundabout

Ryan Hale, Missouri Department of Transportation



Session 7A

Mini-Roundabouts Moderator:  Ahmed Amir, VHB


FHWA Mini-Roundabout Field Evaluation: Lessons Learned and Beyond

Wei Zheng, Federal Highway Administration


Right Sizing Roundabouts: Can Mini Roundabouts Work in Your Community?

Mark McCulloch, Washtenaw County Road Commission


Session 7B

Modeling- Design Visualization

Moderator:  Randy Johnson, DKS Associates


The Visualization of Roundabouts from Concept to Creation

Kurt Stiles, Washington State DOT


Design Visualization Techniques, Methods and Case Studies

Steven Theisen, Wisconsin DOT and Nathan Cook, MSA/Ourston


Session 7C

Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) and Roundabouts

Moderator:  Steve Pyburn, Federal Highway Administration


Caltrans Intersection Control Evaluation Policy

Jerry Champa,  California DOT


ICE Age: Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) A Method to Mainstream Roundabouts

Kamesh Vadula, Omni-Means, Inc and Jerry Champa, California DOT


Wisconsin DOT Intersection Control Evaluation Policy

Kevin Scopoline, Wisconsin Department of Transportation


Guided Roundabout Tours




                                  Virtual Guided Roundabout Tours


8A - Roundabouts for Trucks YouTube Video

(includes general roundabouts tour plus stops at several sites where truck drivers are waiting)


8B - Roundabouts for Pedestrians YouTube Video

(includes general roundabouts tour plus stops at several sites to observe/experience walking pedestrian traffic)


8C - Roundabouts for Bicyclists (includes general roundabouts tour plus stops at several sites to observe/experi- ence bicycle traffic) - Elm Street


8D - Roundabouts-only tour, no stops, to see as many as possible. - Elm Street


Lambeau Field Networking Reception (Transportation provided)




Session 9A

Law Enforcement Perspectives

Moderator:  Rick Olig, Olig Consulting, LLC .

Chief Derek Beiderwieden, De Pere Police Department

Sergeant Daniel S. Diedrich, Motor Carrier Enforcement, Wisconsin State Patrol- Northeast Region

Lieutenant Karl D. Ackermann, Police Operations, Green Bay Police Department

Law Enforcement Perspectives Wrap Up


Session 9B

International Perspectives

Moderator: Victor Salemann, Transportation Solutions, Inc.


Roundabouts in Germany and Switzerland 2017

Werner Brilon, Ruhr University, Bochum



Steve van De Keere, Region of Waterloo Transportation and Environmental Services Department


Sustainable Safety as the Theoretical Basis of Roundabouts in Netherlands

Bertus Fortuijn, Delft University of Technology


Session 9C

Data Collection and Analysis

Moderator:  Rachel Price, Reid Middleton


Monitoring Driver Adaptation to Multilane Roundabouts with Drones: A Case Study

Eric Hildebrand, University of New Brunswick


Staging Roundabout Expansion and Conducting Sensitivity Analyses for Capacity Configurations

Christina Barry, Georgia Department of Transportation


Session 10A

Outreach:  Is Your Strategy Far-reaching?

Moderator:  William Britnell, Connecticut DOT


I-40 Roundabout and WisDOT Outreach - Randy Asman, Wisconsin DOT and Mark Cantola, Wisconsin DOT

Doug Wiersig, City of Fort Worth

Mark McCulloch, Washtenaw County Road Commission


Session 10B


Moderator: Phil Demosthenes, Philip B. Demosthenes


Reducing Crashes through Low Cost Improvements at an Urban Multi-Lane Roundabout

Samuel Bobko, Hatch Mott MacDonald

Statistical Analysis of Roundabout Safety Based Upon Crash and Geometric Properties in the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Sean Coffey, Villanova University

Roundabout Crash Trends in Victoria, Australia: A Review and Comparison to International Experience

Toby Cooper, Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management


Session 10C (Presentation and Posters)

Hot Topics

Hot Topics (Presentation)

Moderator: Andrea Bill, Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory University of Wisconsin-Madison



Implementation of Roundabouts in our National Parks and Federal Lands Hillary Isebrands, Federal Highway Administration

 Roundabout Innovation for Oversized Loads, Robert Jack, Strand Associates

Guidelines for Accessibility of Modern Roundabouts to Assist Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities  Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.

Where is Your Speed Control?  Amanda DeAmico, MSA/Ourston

Adaptive Roundabout Projects, Rachel Price, Reid Middleton Inc.


Closing Plenary Session

Town Hall Roundabout Forum

Attendee Input on Where We Go From Here: Research, Outreach, and Committee Direction


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